265 Gallon Mixed Reef


Yellow Tang
Wow! great shots....love the trigger:Cheers:
I had some xenia similar to that and my koran mowed right through...if you do get angels it may be gone
The filefish eats it occasionally. It is growing everywhere and i finally got tired of ripping it out. I have tried scraping it from the rock, epoxying over it, you name it. We never bought xenia for this tank it came in on the rock somehow.
So I finally got a chance to take some pictures last night. I am stilling trying to figure the camera out so bear with me. I was finally starting to get decent pictures with the T-5s and now the LEDs are harder to get good pictures because there is definitely a lot more shadowing in the tank. I used the tripod for the first time last night and what a difference. I don't know how I ever got any decent pictures without it. A little bit harder to use the tripod for the fish but I was getting a much better ratio of good to bad pictures. I got 3 good pictures of the Powder Blue in one night where normally I am lucky to 1 good fish picture in about 5 nights worth.

Anyway on to the pictures. There is definitely a noticeable difference with the LEDs versus the T-5s when you look straight on at the tank. I am starting to get used to the black bars because of the braces but in pictures it looks terrible. I will say that up until a few days ago I was still doubting the LEDs. You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. The T-5s were working fine and we were getting good color and growth. However….since switching to full LEDs I am seeing even better polyp extension then I have ever seen before. Also several of my acans that were a little plain looking are starting to morph with some greens and yellows. Only time will tell for the long term but the results I am seeing already definitely has me convinced that it was a good switch not only for money and energy savings but for coral growth and color as well.

Powder Blue Tang

Midas Blenny in his hole

Blue Green Tort
This one doesn't appear to have grown a lot from the previous shot I have of it but I fragged off the larger right branch and I now have a frag almost the size of this colony in my frag tank.



Green Torch

Hairy Mushrooms
As you can see from further up there has been a lot of growth here

ORA Joe the Coral
This has so much polyp extension you can barely see the skeleton, the difference in polyp extension in this picture compared to the previous one is insane.

Orange Digitata

Powder Blue Tang


RBTA and Clowns
Not sure if you can really appreciate the size of this RBTA but the hammer next to it is a 4 headed frag and the clowns are 2" and 5". This is the easier one to see but you will see in the full tank shot that there are 2 in the tank and the other one is about the same size but most of it is behind the rock.


Full Tank Shot 3-9-11
Not quite head on, too much stuff in the way for the tripod but I will try not to be so lazy next time.
The colors are tad bit off in some of these, the color in the FTS are pretty accurate though.


Left Side

Right Side
Thanks so much everyone :) it is definitely still a work in progress but it has so much potential. Now that I have my frag system set up I think things will really take off because they wont be getting bumped and stung all the time.
Its crazy how the up close shots you can tell that you have SO much stuff but on the FTS it looks empty! You are going to have a great time filling that up. My little tank is already getting full but its my practice tank cant wait to upgrade.
Its very deceiving because things look like frags in that tank but if you were to put them in a 55 gallon or so they would be huge colonies. I don't think I could even fit the frogspawn in my Biocube 29 that I have at work.
I took a few more quick pictures of the tank this afternoon.

Full tank shot


Pink Birdsnest

Green Ricordia

Green Torch

Acan starting to morph under LEDs

Gold Assessor
We have a spawning pair of these guys.

Green Star Polyps

Hairy Mushroom

Orange Digi

Crosshatch Trigger
This is her favorite spot


Maroon Clownfish Female

Idaho Grape Monticap

Copperbanded Butterfly