125 sump??


Reef enthusiast
I have a 125 gallon tank and i was wondering what size of sump i should use? i was thinking ofhaveing two 20 gallons one refuge and the othera tank with heater/filter/protein skimmeruv.etc..
The bigger the better. Two 20's would work if you want your refugium seperate. If not one larger tank would also make a good sump/refugium.
i know some1 who has a extra 40gallonthat she would give to me cheap or for free but i couldnt fit it into the stand because the stand has 4 legs
I made these reallly quick
but here they are.


A 55 gallon would be my vote, you can cut a hole in the side of the stand and put a trim around the piece you cut out and then stick it back in and nobody will really be the wiser. Saves you from having to mess with taking the back brace out.