110 Gallon reef tank build


Best pic I could find ha.
Hello everybody,

I just wanted to show my reef tank and what i've done with it. I tried to make it a "budget" tank even though that is hard to do when you love spending money on your hobby.

I bought the tank on craigs list for $100 and painted the back black with some left over spray paint in my garage. Then i used leftover lumber from a project and some small things from Home Depot( I love hate that place) to make the stand.



here's the tank and stand after postioning it.


I just so happened to find a great deal at my LFS and they had a Hamilton dual 400 watt fixture for another $100 for lighting. i know it's fuzzy.

here's the sun coming out of my house( my neighbors must think I'm growing WEED)

I had a 55 gallon reef tank prior that had a bunch of live rock and my Clown fish that has been around from the start of this hobby. ( wife killed all family and frinds of "tough Guy")


I put all the above rocks and coral into the new tank.

I also added a 28 gallon refugium from ebay for $145. and an eshopps s-120 skimmer for $135. The live sand was also from ebay i don't remember how much and the cost somewhere around $70 and 100 pounds great deals. Here is the Refugium and skimmer.

After this point reefing got real :frustrat: I wanted SPS corals and had the lights for them. they just didn't like the water CA levels so i spent $700+ on the geo CA reactor 618.


This was when the coral really started to take off.


At this point i figured i was good and didn't need to ever touch anything again........that never happens. after a year of $250 dollar electric bills every month with the house set at 82F i was sick of trying to run the AC and paying up to $350 a month( thanks California and OBAMA) so i bit the bullet and picked up some AI sol super blue LEDs.






Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look my tank over and if you have a question please ask and I will do my best to find the answer.

I love the AI's!! I've had them for a month now and haven't noticed anything negative other than my electric bill going from $250 to $91. In 12 months they will pay for themselves + $500. I have the AI controller also. The only thing I might do is get 1 or 2 more so I can get rid of my softies and get more sps coral. The spread isn't as great as a halide.