Reefing newb
Saw a couple worms come out of my live rock, that I haven't seen before. I only see them if one of the hermit crabs get near a certain hole. (As you can see in the picture the crab is to the right of it) I think the worm knocked the hermit crab off the rock once already. Its probably close to 2 inches long from what I've seen, it hasn't come out all the way.

Any ideas? I've been looking around and haven't found any decent pictures of the worm that i have. It doesn't look like a fireworm which is what im hoping its not, those look wider. It does have bristles on the side of it, so its some type of bristle worm.


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you'll probably have tons of those throughout the years :) be careful not to overfeed your tank otherwise they will overtake it (:
Hard to tell from the pic but it looks like there is tiny,pointy claws on the sides. That and the long antenna would make say it's a kind of nereid worm (which is one of many varietys of bristleworms). An excelent reef janitor and valued member of your CUC.