Who's Alive?

were glad to have you posting here mel. Ive heard alot about you here from other members. we would be honored to have you join us in our abusive but fun threads.
I'm here. Sorry I have been coaching baseball and finishing up my master's. It has been hell.
My tank on the other hand is doing good "knock on Wood".
Sorry about missing so much.

Well i signed up for it at your guys fragging demo meeting along with the photography class and was told I would be sent an email or update when more information on that class was available.

I still haven't received anything at all... guess I just show up? If you could give me an update I would appreciate it.


I just sent an email to Kevin- he's the guy in charge of the event.

I'm only in charge of the website and t-shirts so I have no clue as to the answer of your question, but I'm gonna try to find out for you.