Who here can cut glass real well?


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I need to fit a piece of glass I have over a pico tank I'm working on. it' the perfect width but it's too long. Can someone help me cut it at the next meet?

OR if anyone is good at plexiglass, i'd use that instead ...i just need a cover for this 'tank'
You can buy a peice of glass or plexiglass from lowes and they will cut it to length for you.
whoever cuts the glass make sure they can sand the edge off because glass splinters suck :pooh:
You can get plexiglass or acrylic from technology sales cut to almost exact measurements. This is where I got the stuff to make my sump. I used all 3/8" cast Acrylic.

I also think lowes will cut the glass.
sweet!..Brandon, I'll check Technology Sales out first cause I'd actually like to see if i can get a curve cut on it as well.

Thanks all!!
I have a glass cutter, but its hard to cut a good straight cut, then you still get glass splinters like james said. your better off to go to technolgy sales and have them cut a piece of acrylic.
Just buy a $3 peice of acrylic from lowes and score it yourself with a razor blade knife. That's what I did for my 5.5g.
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