white slime

Sponges come in a gazillion shapes, sizes and colours. If it were a slime, it would be very close to the rock less than .25mm thick. A good rule with bacterium is if it's thicker than a sheet of paper it's probably something else.
I dont know what it is and its getting worse apparently it bacterial slime and I dont really know how to deal with it . I just lost my joh so any thing that cost money is kinda a no go and I have to buy water so I dont. Really know when I can do the next water change! Plz help
If it's a sponge it will continue to grow both spreading and thickening. If it's bacterial then it will stay close to the rock and spread outward. Your best option is to do water changes reducing the nutrients for whatever it is. Can you get another pic now that it's bigger?
OK, is this a new piece of rock? Did you move it from another place? I'm thinking it might be a boring sponge that has checked out and that's the reason you've got the slime going on. Kyle, if you're close to my location, you're more than welcome to free RO/DI water bro.