white slime


Reefing newb
I have a white slime in my tank it slowly starting to grow on all the under sides of the rock. I read some where its bacterial slime. How does it start growing and how do I make it stop ive trid siphoning it but is doesnt come off the rocks and I dont wanna take the rock out cuz I have a fish and a shrimp, snails and some coral.
My camera is crap so I cant get a good shot and its not a sponge I know what they look like and I have some. Ill see if I can find a pic on the internet
Theses are the best I could get


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Gotcha;) I really can't make out a slime in the pic. I can see what Steve is seeing and it does resemble a sponge as they come in a lot of flavors.

You say it is slime and you can see it a lot better than we can. So apparently you are getting some type of bacterial bloom. Are all your parameters normal? Are you dosing anything like vodka, vinegar, sugar or mb7? If you're not than I would try a couple of larger water changes like 25-30% over the next 3-4 days. I would also continue syphoning out as much as you can.
My parms are all in check and I just did a 25% wc I gotta got get some more water to mix salt. And it kinda looks like really thin clear hair