Where to place polyps


Reefing newb
Got me a couple polyps today and was wondering where to set them? On a rock a good spot or just lay them on the sand bed? Until my light comes in I just have a dual flourescent lighting the tank right now. It's a 75 gallon tank.

I got a green one and a purple one. The green one is partially opened and the purple one really hasn't opened as far as I can see.
Start them out on the sand bed first, and move them to their final location in a week or two. When are you getting your new lights? The ones you have now aren't enough for corals/
I e-mailed Aquatraders to see when the MH light will be in stock, if it's too long a wait or if they don't get back to me, I will be ordering the T5 for now tomorrow. So however long it takes for them to ship from tomorrow is when I'll have it.
well his lighting may be enough to start out with depending on the size of the dual/intensity of the tubes but an upgrade is probably a good idea
Two florescent bulbs of any type (T5,T8, or T12s) aren't enough to keep corals. You might be ok for a week or so till your new lights arrive.
One way or another a light will be ordered tomorrow so I think I'll be ok. By the way, there are two T8's in the light that's on it now, 40 watts each.
Well, light came in today about two hours ago and the purple colored one that really never opened up at all is just starting to and the green one looks even better. I imagine it's going to take a few days for them to fully open up and absorb the much better lighting now but I'm very happy so far.
Quick question, can I place mushrooms in the tank with this light or should I want to get a bigger one? I'm kind of confused on all the different types of corals. Are mushrooms "softies"? I'm under the assumption that what I can't get with this light being used is hard corals and anemones.
Ya, all the hard corals are literally hard. A good way to tell hard from soft is to see if they can retract. The SPS cant really retract at all, the LPS kinda can, and the softies can really squish up