When should I worry?


Reefing newb
I'm thinking about now putting a reef tank together to compliment my 75g FWLR. I wanna go much bigger though. I was thinking in the neighborhood of 150g. At what point do I have to start worrying about how much weight my floor joists can handle? They're your standard 2x10's but I'm not quite sure how they're fastened. Any advice would be great! Thanks. :^:
Do you have a crawl space or basment? You can crawl under the house if on a crawl and pour some cement and brace the floor that way you wont have to worrie at all. If on a basement you can use basment jacks and support the floor with new I joist going the other way than the origin joist to support it, however, this will take up basement rooma nd might not look real nice.

You'll probably be fine with no extra support exspeacly if it's a newer house, but you better safe than sorry.
hehehe....my house is only 10 years old, built very skimpily, as most new houses are...i stuck my tank in the basement!! :) Aside from the fact that my house's floors tend to slant a bit cuz the builders suck, I don't trust it to hold the weight of my tank. Good luck with yours!
if you lay the tank so that it spans across as many floor joists as possible that will help. just think most houses will hold a waterbed and that weights a lot more than most tanks. if you can you can brace up the floor joists if at al possible.
Hehe it is a newish house with a crawl space. I went under there to jack up my current tank which is sitting on only two joists going the wrong way >.< With a 150g I'm figuring on about 1600lbs which makes me nervous to say the least lol. James you have a good point about the water bed but waterbeds are spread out over a much greater area. Idk I'll probably overbuild just to be safe lol. I'll post some pics if and when my wife lets me get another tank:)
I got a concrete mini pond weights about 6000lbs its foot print is 4'x4'-6"

Can my floor support it or do i need to brace underside of the floor?

Im in a double wide trailer. So putting up a small barring wall would not be hard but is it necessary