Whats this on my pwerhead?


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Whats this tube like thing on my power head? is it good or bad?theres about 4 or 5 of them


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Nope. If they start to spit webs (which they do to catch food) and it starts to bother other corals, you can put a drop of superglue on the end of the tube and they will die.
Turn powerheads off so still water, then if you use the gel, thicker stuff, and just put the tube down into their tube just put some down there, should be good, what glue you using??
I've been told to look for a super glue that contains cyanoacrylate. Supposedly the least toxic and the water causes it to set up faster than other glues. Wether it's true or not I dont know...super glue gel works pretty good for me.