What's a typical list for a 150g tank?


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Upgrading to a 150g tank soon, I'll have about 400# of live rock. I've never really been a big fish person. I really like my aquarium for the coral, but my family and friends really appreciate the fish more than anything. Now that I have a bigger tank, I feel I should exploit the newfound space.

What do people generally fill their tanks with fish wise? It's a 5' long tank, aquascaping is to be decided still....

My only required fish is a yellow watchman goby. I'll be bringing over a clown, bicolor dottyback, and a coral beauty(all of which I'm OK taking back and trading in for credit at my LFS if there is something worth getting over these guys.

Thank you all.
There isn't any reason to trade in your current fish just because you're moving to a larger tank. They would all do fine in a 150. A tank that size opens up a lot of possibilities. You could get a tang or one of the larger (reef safe) wrasses, or a school of something like Barletts Anthias - there are many options for a 150
Agreed. There's plenty of fish I could pick instead of those, but that doesn't mean I would. Consider another clown, I think pairs are more interesting. And I do like schools of chromis (blues are my favorites) and tangs are great, too. I also really like the Lamarck angels (Genocanthus lamarcki) and wrasses. Look up some pictures of fish, find ones you like and research, or better, ask here for more info.
You should check out this and other forums to get ideas about other setups and fish.
Are you going to run a SPS dominated tank or mixed reef or otherwise in terms of corals? This may limit the type of fish you get.

An SPS tank with a school of anthias is a nice theme. A tank full of big colorful tangs will always impress visitors. Depending on your coral setup you can have a few big angelfish.

There is a nice thread on reefcentral with the best tanks in the world - its coral oriented but it may inspire you on how you want to set up your tank.

One word of advice you will be in stocking mode for a while so you should think about a quarantine tank setup for all the new fish you will be adding.
Have fun and post pics of your tank!
The more I think about it the more I want an SPS/LPS dominated tank.

What Anthias would you recommend me looking into? I do like the look of tangs and was unable to have them in my current setup since it was a tall tank.

Angels are beautiful. There's a lot of options, and I don't really know what must people go with.

How many tangs could I have in the tank(obviously the different types matters, some > than others).
Anthias, what'd be a good number..etc.

Just not sure what all will fit in a typical tank this size.
Most people keep anthias for the schooling look and keep a bunch (5 is a good start number) so the particular species isn't that important - sometimes its whatever you get a deal for at the LFS. The lyretail antias is fairly common and easy to keep. Do your research because while they all kind of look alike some species (e.g. dispar) can be challenging. A cheaper and more easy alternative if you are just looking for the schooling look is the blue/green chromis.

Depending on the species you can probably keep 5-8 tangs (you'll get all kinds of debate here - some people think you can keep 2-3 tangs in a 150g, whatever). Tangs are higher maintenance to get established because they are ich magnets and tend to be territorial. Once you get a nice community going though they are fairly maintenance free. They are fun to watch and full of character.

Most angels are not totally reef-safe and some are just coral eaters. There are dwarf angels and large angels. As for the dwarfs - you just have to see how they do in you tank but some are known to be NOT coralsafe. I have a flame angel and except for 1 gorgonian - its left all my coral alone. Larger angels are beautiful and you can probably at most keep 1-2 in your tank.

Don't worry about what people go with and buy the fish you like - I think that's what fish keeping is all about. But do the research first and make sure it will work in your tank. If you're just keeping fish to accompany corals you might just want to get about 10 chromis + 5 anthias and feed them flakes - low maintenance as heck.
In my 150 I had a Sailfin, a Tomini, a Niger trigger, a pair of maroons, a single black ocellaris, a coral beauty, a lemonpeel angel, lawnmower blenny and a little sleeper goby.

I also had a snowflake eel for a while, but he got evicted.
In my 150 I had a Sailfin, a Tomini, a Niger trigger, a pair of maroons, a single black ocellaris, a coral beauty, a lemonpeel angel, lawnmower blenny and a little sleeper goby.

I also had a snowflake eel for a while, but he got evicted.


I know at one time you said you had a 150 tall, is that the tank you are talking about here?

My Sailfin did fairly well in the 4' tank... he was the most docile of the three big boys.

Niger triggers are reef safe with caution... he ate any invert I added after him. He also had a habit of moving around frags that weren't properly secured.