What type of starfish to get?


Reefing newb
I am wanting a starfish for my 75 gallon set up what type should I get? All suggestions are welcome. :twocents:
I would get a brittle or serpent star (do not get the green one!) they are really cool plus they are a great member of your CUC.

If your tank is well matured you can try the linkas or formicas (sp?) but they dont often make it in our tanks.

Dont get stand sifting starfish, almost no one has a sand bed large enough to support one
I have both a serpent and a brittle I like my serpent star better he actually comes out when its dinner time and you get to see it. The brittle all you ever see is legs sticking out of holes but both are very good at cleaning up the tank.
I have a red sea star in my 60g. I've had him a little over 2 months and he's almost doubled in size. He always seems to be out where he can be seen. I love him!
watch the sea star, when I first started corals I had one in the tank it was great for several months then decided it had a taste for some of my corals and they started disappearing.. I would stick with brittle and serrpent stars also..