what to add next?

I was looking for advice on what to add to my tank next....fish & coral both. I have a yellow tang, 2 blue damsels, blk/wht clown, a firefin goby, cinamon clown & a orange shrimp (not sure what it is, hubby got it) I also have a blast. mereleti (sp) a leather coral, a curly q anemone, a carpet anemone a purple tip anemone, a feather duster & a zennia...all of which are small. I want some color added like reds, blues, greens & oranges.
Any ideas?

I moved the choc. chip star to another tank
with the size of your tank and your current bioload, you are maxed out on fish unless you have a really big skimmer. for corals you can always add zoas, a lot of color selections or shall I say endless color selections.
Kimoy is dead on. You are full of fish. a 55 gallon can have about 10 -12 inches of fish total. Seems like you may be right there. You want to leave a few inches for growth of your livestock. You mentioned having a carpet nem. They are known as fish killers. As they grow (which is rather quickly if the parameters are right) they have been known to consume, well, everything. They have even been known to eat the clowns that host them. They also have a painful sting with barbs to humans that burn when they get under the skin. Just my experience.

Corals are limitless. Look for a red open brain, a modern coral, a torch, candy cane or trumpet coral. Hammers are really colorful as well. Orange can be done tastefully with an orange linkia starfish. Good luck

For colors, your best bets are to go with zoanthids and mushrooms, which both come in every color known to mankind. They are also hardy and easy to keep. I agree with Doc on the candy cane corals -- they come in all sorts of colors, from pale-ish white to neon green to baby blue.