What is going on?


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I bought my tank about 2 months ago.... I took my water to the pet shop and had it tested(They told me it was perfect).... I bought some fish because they told me the water was ready.... Put them in and they died... I have gone through 5 Damsels... Don't know what can be going on.... Can someone help???
Provide us with a complete description of your setup, all additives you use, salt brand, how you make it up, and a list of your water parameters, amonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, hardness, phosphates, temperature, oxygen levels. once provided we may be able to help you. also you may want to check out the saltwater articles forum as there are many articles there that may be of some help to you. a couple months is not long enough to be adding 5 fish at one time. do you have live rock?, deep sand bed, type of substrait. what water do you use for mixing salt ro/di, tap etc. waiting for your parameters and information before i can help.
Besides JNHRB's reply damsel are nasty little fish to begin with so it could be possible they are fighting and killing themself.I would try one or two clowns.Look for tank breed ones they are more mellow and can put up with nastier water conditions
My Tanks Specs

Ph 8.2
Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrate 0 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
I used Tap Water (Used Tap Water Conditioner)
Hydrometer 1.022
78 Degress
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Hydrometer - you did not say what kind. make sure to adjust for temperature if it does not automatically. check the instructions that came with the hydrometer. reason is that your pH is good but your salinity is a bit low which is suspecious. you should be at 1.024 or 1.025 and have a salt content of 35%. so has your system gone through a full cycle i.e. amonia, nitrite and nitrate?.. tap water is risky at best. how do you prepare it to mix the salt or for evaporated top off?
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How should I mix the Water?

I used a gallon of distilled water, added the tap water, added conditioner and then added the measurement of salt.
hmmmm seems to me that either you did not acclimate the fish correctly, or something you have added to your system, makeupwater, or other is not right, or your system is just not fully cycled and you went too many additons too fast. hard to say. in order to pin it down you would need to provide all of the information I noted above. If I can be of any further help i will need more information on the system, its setup, equipment, processes used for water changing, mixing up salt, top off and a list, amount and how often anything is added to the system. so I would refer you to the saltwater articles section. there are some articles there that might give you more insite into the marine system to help you identify your concerns. anyway with more information i would be willing to help, but, at this point not enough information to determine why you lost all 5 fish except to say 5 damsels is too many at any time, tank is not yet fully cycled. you will need to establish your sand bed before adding any amount of fish bioload. get your worms, copepods, etc started, and go in with a sand stirrer, cleanup crew 1st when there is enough food source for them (algae). hope this all helps a bit. i know its not a definitive answer to your question but just dont have enough information. Join us on live chat at 9PM eastern time. mon, wens, fri. or anyother time you can catch us there. I could discuss with you there if you like. talk to ya soon and good luck with your system

Well I just wanted to tell you all.... Thanks for all the help..... I finally have my tank running.... I finally added two damsel & all the parameters are perfect..... Well just wanted to let you all know what was going on with my tank....