What are these?


I'm a girl.
I have these on a couple of my rocks. I have no clue what they are. I'm guessing maybe sponges? Strangest thing is they are completely white.

No they don't look like q-tips or pineapple. I've had those before. These are flat. Someone over on nano reefs thinks they might be nerite snail egg sacks.
I really have no idea if that is what they actually are or not. I have them on other rocks as well. Dang snails have been having snail orgies again. *sigh* I have more dwarf cerths that what I started with. :grumble:
If they actually hatch I may be looking to get rid of a few. :) I have just enough nerites now. I really wasn't planning on getting more.
I've had them show up in my tank a few times. I have no clue what they are. They never change shape or size and stay there for a few weeks and then go away. I also think it's some type of egg sack.