What about making my salinity 1.020 because my LFS has this also?


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What about making my salinity 1.020 because my LFS has this also to avoid Ich because its common in my tank and i can't get rid of it .
Thats not going to do anything. Read the top two stickies in this forum.

*Correction the stickies in the fish disease, those are the only two ways you can cure ich, plus your DT has to be fishless for 8 weeks i believe.
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What kind of fish and how many do you have in your 30 gallon? Overcrowding or a too small tank can lead to sickness.
To kill ich, salinity would have to go down to 1.009 for a period of a several weeks, and the salinity would have to be dropped rapidly enough that the ich doesn't acclimate. And of course, you can't keep the salinity at 1.009 for too long because the fish can't handle it anyway. But if you do it in qt, then move the fish into the dt, you would have erradicated the ich anyway (assuming your other fish in the tank have also been treated for it, otherwise it's a moot point to treat just one fish), so having the salinity be at a normal 1.025-1.026 is best.
You should try and identify why you have an ich problem, fixing that usually solves the ich issue. Most often ich results from the fish being under constant stress, usually from being in a tank too small for them, too many fish in the tank, or inappropriate tank mates
Salinity must be dropped to 1.009 or less. Dropping it to 1.020 will do nothing. Please read the sticky I linked you to earlier -- you obviously didn't read what everyone is posting.