Well Hello there its long time


Reefing newb
Well so much has happened since I first started 8yrs ago it's nice to see some of you longtimers still here, I lived in Las Vegas started a 12 gal Nano tank new to the whole Saltwater reef moved the system to California then moved the system to Tennessee whew that was a job in itself, Not one case of ICK 8ys, upgraded to a 36gal and 2 weeks in and BANG,
Thank you for the warm welcome it's certainly been a while since I was here I think the last time I posted was getting ready for the big move transporting my Nano 12gal tank from Calif to Tennessee whew that was dramatic to say the least especially stopping for the night, I had 1 casualty the pajama cardinal, other than that all went well lol re-establishing the tank not so much now I have upgraded to 36gal tank still work in progress again thank you for the welcoming


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