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The water in my tank changes throughout the day between 81-83.5 DegF. Are these temps OK? How do you all keep your temps down if not running chillers?
I use frozen water bottles placed in my sump. Your temp is in the good range. (78-84)
Yeah your temperature is fine. As long as it doesn't fluctuate too much, temps in the low 80s are okay. Mine runs around 81 to 84 in the summer.
Your temperature sounds fine.Large fluctuations is what you don't want.If the temp gets any higher,remove the top or turn down the thermostat.I keep mine at a constant 78 degrees,btw.
yeah sounds good, just dont want it to get much higher and going back to where it is. mine is at 79 usually
Mines been running between 81 and 83 ,but its been 100+ outside every day for the past week and a half.
If you worried about your tamp,take the tops off if your using them and get yourself a small clip on fan.Just clip the fan to the rim of the tank so that it blows between your lights and water surface.
my tanks stays between 78 at night and 80 during the day. It is hot as hell outside, but thanks to the beauty and majesty of A/C, it doesn't bother my tank at all. It also helps to have it downstairs where it is always cooler. Your tank temp is fine though.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
Mines hovers around 83 in the day and 81 at night due the room it's located at lot's of heat high humidity. When I had my tank in another room where temps fluctuated alot I had a alot of problems with my tank from water parameters, to sick fishes getting ich and all kind of stuff. Now I have them in a room that is same temp all the time 81-83 and the tank is fine now. I hope this helps, My tank is doing fine with consant temps.
i use fans when days gets too hot..temps are between 82-84..and a too hot day it runs between 86..