vixtrans 120 gallon reef


Reefing newb
Well I would like to say exactly what is in it lol but I seemed to have lost count. Also, as time goes on, there is things I never knew I had so your guess is as good as mine to whats in it. I will list a few things..

1 maroon clown
1 yallow tang
1 cole tang
1 coral beauty
1 potters angel
1 diamond goby
1 dragon goby
2 green chromis
1 lawnmower blenny
1 long nose hawkfish

?God knows how many snails or hermits
1 emerald crab
1 cleaner shrimp
1 sand sifter star
1 brittle star
1 other type of brittle star
1 pencil urchin
1 horse shoe crab
1 arrow crab
1 crocea clam

1 brown montipora
1 green brain
1 red brain
1 moon stone
1 candy
1 green frogspawn
1 colt
1 devils hand
1 mump
2 cabbage
1 white cup
1 green cup
whole mess or green star polyps
2 yellow finger
yellow polyps
green button polyps
brown polyps
red mushrooms
purple mushrooms
various species mushrooms
1 torch coral
too many xenias lol
3 brown toadstool leathers
1 yellow gorgonia
1 purple gorgonia
2 asparagus
1 christmas tree
1 scolymia

I think thats it lol

2 ice cap metal halide 175 watt
1 ice cap 660 4 bulb set up
740 total watts

30 gallon sump
1 berlin skimmer
2 emporer 400s