Vinyl Tubing or PVC Pipe?


Reefing newb
Hello All -

When attaching a water line to my prefilter box on my display tank to my sump and a water line from my water pump in the sump to my display tank, do I use vinyl tubing or PVC pipe for these connections? Pros and Cons appreciated... Thanks....
I used the vinyl tubing on mine.Mainly because it was cheaper.But it also lessens the possiablities of leaks.
Will probably use PVC on my next project though.
I used PVC on mine. It seems "safer" to me, since you can't bump stuff and move it around as easily. It was also much easier to find connections, valves, etc. that fit PVC vs. vinyl tubing. If you do use PVC, regular old primer and PVC glue are fine, just let it dry before hooking it up to your tank.
The best of both worlds is Spaflex. Its flexible gluable PVC. Keep an eye out for a DIY photo-journal on how I plumb my tank near the end of the week.

Also check out for products or check out your local pool store.
If that's the stuff that's used for pools it does crack. We use it on a pool and it sprung a leak. But it could be due to the enviorment. Also using in pond had no problem there.