Very cool hitch hiker


In Memoriam
I was just picking up some of the little kenya tree branches in my 30,and when I moved a small rock out of the way to get to the back of the tank I noticed some thing cool.
It is some kind of star fish.Its white with black bands around its arms.Arm tip to arm tip its probably close to 4 or 5 inches with a very small central disk,only about 1/2 as big as a #2 pencle eraser.
Tryed to get a pic but he got back in the pretty quick.
sounds like the same hitchiker i found in the live rock. only mines teeny tiny. you can barely notice the tentacles. according to everyone on here. and pics i found on the internet it is a serpent star.
I just put in a request for a good digi cam to try and get pics of the hitch hikers.IMO their the best part of having a reef tank.
I've got several of those guys - very cool, but they seem to stay put. I've never seen a central disk on one - in the rock, all the time.

I just got a cool hitchhiker last week, as well - a small acro crab. He stays in his perch, so it's tough to get pics. I might try some more eventually, though.
Cant wait for the pics yote. I have to agree there nothing cooler than finding something thriving in your tank that you didnt even know was there.
now i have a new hitchiker also. i picked up about 10 lbs. of live rock and 20 lbs of base rock this the way, buying the lace baserock keeps my kids from going barefoot yote. the one piece of liverock has a strange looking disk on it. it is white and waves back and forth like a small satellite dish. it's pretty small, about as big around as a pencil eraser. and it's white with a small hole in the center. any clue's? it's underneath the rock where's it's in the shadow so i couldn't get a clear pic.
Getting warm out now fish,wont hurt them kids none to go barefoot:mrgreen:

Sounds like maybe a featherduster.
lol, that's no joke. i cant keep shoes on them anyway. even when it's not warm. i have three girls that are very much tomboys.
lol,,aint good for em to wear shoes all the time,makes tenderfeet out of em. I seen mine 3 out playing in snow bare footed.
My daughter thinks she's as big as her brothers,and not scared of anything.She loves to chase her momma with worms she catches out of my worm pit.
lol, sounds just like my kids. my three year old followed me about 100 yards on a gravel driveway, barefooted, to help me take the trash out last night. i know she didnt get that from me. i'm VERY tenderfooted.
are there feather dusters that look like that biff? ive only seen the feathery ones. this looks more like a small button.
lol,,,,you and me both,gracie ,,,shes 3 too,,raises cain every morning when my wife trys to make her wear shoes.and both boys ride their bike barefooted.all the time pulling splinters outta their feet.
found a new hitchhiker today a thorny oyster the size of a nickel, i have other oyster type things alive and stuck on live rock but this one was in sandbed and don't have a clue how it got there.
Yall ever thought about starting a tank just to see what kind of hitch hikers you can come up with?
Thats my favorite part of keeping a reef tank,I look for new critters every night.