Urchin --- S.O.S!


Reefing newb
I think I have the answer here, but wanted to ask to make sure.

I ordered two tuxedo urchins online and received them yesterday. Drip acclimated both at the same time over about 1.5-2 hours. One urchin is fine, the other is not.

The one that is not fine... I noticed lots of spines (25%) in the shipping bag. Put him in a QT tank with food. Today the poor thing has lost 50-66% of it's spines. This one has not moved much at all.

Tested my water to rule it out:

pH: 8.1 or 8.2; not quite either color really
SG: 1.024
Nitrate: 0
No copper treatment

I think that is all that is important when it comes to inverts.

I am thinking the tuxedo is done for and it happened during shipping given the number of spines in the bag.

The question is: is there anything I can actually do for it or to I need to send it to the freezer to humanely put it out of it's misery?

Just wish I could do something for it ... or need to end it fast so it won't suffer more than it already has.
Oops... alk is important for these guys too...

Mine is lower than I usually keep it, 9.8. Generally it is: 10.4 < alk < 11.4
I'd give it time. When I first started my tank I got three urchins. I swear my tuxedo didn't really move for days when I first got it. But a year and a half later its still happy in my tank and growing. The loss of spines is of course concerning and it might not recover, but the lack of movement may not mean anything. I've found they move more in the dark as they forage for food. I'd be a bit concerned about its ability to recover in the quarantine tank as it might not get enough food in there if it starts to forage at night. Give it some time and if possible give it some live rock to eat from. I hope it recovers for you!
How long would you suggest giving it?

I've got seaweed in the QT near it should it get hungry. Is that okay, or should it still be in the main tank?

I've also been cutting the daylight cycle shorter and running the blue moon lights for longer as well as no lights.

Trying to give it a fighting chance :)
I swear mine would go a week or more without moving. I'd just leave it be and see how it goes. Is it continuing to lose spines?
yes, it is continuing to lose spines. I got home and it was down to maybe 10%.

It's gone now. Probably put it in the tank nearly dead to begin with...

The place I got it from has a two week return policy... it's just I think the shipping did it in to begin with, so I am not very keen on asking for another one just to have it go through the same thing. It came from California and I am located in Florida. Not exactly next door, but it went 1 day air.

I just don't think any lfs in the area carry tuxedo urchins. At least I have never seen one...