upgrading to a bigger tank and want a lot of advice


Reefing newb
I am going to do it. I am going to upgrade to a bigger thank. Slowly of course, my wife will kill me if I run out tomorrow and buy a new set up. So I plan on going out and buying it piece by piece over the next several months. Here is what I am planning. I would like some recommendations on equipment such as sumps, refuge, pumps, lighting, anything you can think of to tell someone setting up a new bigger tank. things you wish you could have done different. Just to let you know, the set up has to be in the same room under the tank. Don't have room elsewhere. I plan on getting a 135 gallon reef ready tank with duel overflows (72X18X25tall). should I upgrade and get the starphire glass on the front? does this make a difference? I am going to slide my 2x250 metal hallides over and add another 20 or 24 inch 1X 250 metal hallide fixture next to it. I figured this would be more economical than getting ride of my new 2x250 and buying a 3x250. Not sure about pumps, sumps, refuge. so here we go, start telling me how I can upgrade my tank and at the same time end my marriage (hahaha, Just kidding).
starphire will make a huge difference, also if you can since your going with a reef tank im assuming, i would go with something wider then 18" because itll make aquascaping that much easier and give you more options
Starphire is very expensive, and if you're trying to set up a tank on a budget, it's not worth it IMO. It looks fantastic (don't get me wrong), but if money is a priority, I can think of many other areas of a new setup that money would be better spent.
Personally I would lengthen my time frame to make room in the budget for starphire. It is afterall, all about your display right? How much would it run you for that size tank?
i agree with the wider tank for aquascaping. I went with a 180 (6x2x2), but was considering a 120 (4x2x2) I think the 120 is a perfect tank cause you get all that water, but 4 foot lights are so cheap compared to 6 footers
i agree on the 6x2x2
the extra 6 inches makes a huge difference

1 thing i did when i setup my second tank, was make my stand taller
i gave myself 36" clear inside the stand, best decision i ever made

maintenance is so much easier, plus since you are going with a bigger tank if you give yourself the extra room, you pretty much have your pick of skimmers, without worrying about the height of them

just one of the things i did different the second time around