Updated 125g Pics (Dial up, you know the drill!)


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Well thought I would share some pics. My tank looks more like a frag tank compared to others, but it will grow up someday. :)








Takes more than software there buddy! Trust me how the pic is taken and the software go hand in hand. Don't you have photoshop? Let's see some of your shots!!:bounce:

Ok here is the quick rundown:

Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D)

1. Turn off all pumps
2. Shoot at Night
3. Turn off all light/tvs in house
4. Use a Tripod
5. Shoot in the highest amount of pixs your camera will do (Largest)
6. Use the timer or remote to snap the pic to cut down on movement
7. Use a sports mode for fish, macro for closeups
8. EXPERIMENT with your auto and manual settings, white balance, ISO, Arp, etc...
9. Take LOTS, hundreds of shots
10. Pick the best shots and use a photo editing software to post edit, crop, etc..

Here is THE BEST site I have found for aquarium photography:

You take great pictures. Do you work for National Geographic or something? Are your zoos on different pieces of rock and placed together on the bottom? That's a super cool picture of those. I'm getting inspired.
Ok everyone please take note:::::::

Brandon actually posted something nice about me....:Cheers: AMAZING!

Thanks for the compliments you all! I love the 350D. Now for a better lens.
Awesome pics!! (Slighty better than okay) I haven't done too much photographing of our tank yet, but I'm going to give it a bit more effort as we get it going. You should try publishing some of those.