Update On Us(we Didnt Leave)


Reefing newb
Its Been Awhile Since We Posted And So I Forgot Our Name And Password So I Made A New One But We've Been Working On Moving Our 100gal To A 65 So We Can Put The 100 Gal In The Wall Then The 100 Gal We Be Afull Reef Tank And We Are Going To Leave The Trigger In The 65 (he Ate Our B/w Clown While We Were On Vac.)i've Got Pics I'll Post When I Figure Out How
Not sure how far chatsworth is from chattanooga, but we would love to have you in the local club if it is within driving distance.

We are about 45 min. - an hour from Chattanooga..Charlie is talking about joining @ the next meeting whenever it is..(I tried getting him to join while @ the Frag Swap. lol).. I have school on Tuesdays, so I can join him @ the next meeting depending on the day you yave them :D

As for his project, We are putting the rock in the wall tank tomorrow, so I will post some pics as soon as we finish..Prob. tomorrow night! :^: , the molding isnt done, just the tank, eventually we will have it 100% complete! Cant wait to show those pics!! :)

"You can also attend without joining and you can decide if it's for you. I am still trying to decide...LOL!"

You just don't wanna spend the 20 bucks...:mrgreen: