Update on cooked tank and a question


Reefing newb
My tank continues to recover from the 90*+ temps it went through. I lost a torch, most of my mushrooms, some palys, and my monster plating monti. I did remove some on the Monti but about 1/3 of it remains. Will leaving it in my tank do any harm? It looks horrid, but I'm the only person who looks at my tank so I don't mind too much. I'm going to replace it once I find the right one. Since I really like the placement, I'm thinking I will put the new one on top of the remnants of the old one and let it cover it over time. Will this work?

The Mushrooms seem to be making a comback and the palys and zoas are doing okay. can't say the zoas are spreading, but they never did great in my tank anyway. My GSP is looking good again though it is still slightly bleached. The brain is still bleached, and may be dead, but its clean and it gets all fuzzy at night so maybe it will recover its color and be okay.

The fish are going okay. The turbos and the new FoxFace seem to be getting the algae under control. I still need to do some work on the rock and find me another fish. The sand needs a good cleaning as well. Never ends does it?
The monti is dead. Completely. Initially they were signs it might pull through and was only bleached. Its now falling apart and covered with algae.