unknown tang just bought anybody help with id


Reef enthusiast

got it for 30 bucks at lfs, they were sure what kind of tang, only thing i found that looked similar was spotted kole tang which are about 80 bucks
its definately a bristle tooth of sorts. not a lavender, but some kind of bristletooth. congrats they are great. they constantly pick at the rocks and sand to keep your tank clean
thats for sure you would think this fish had been starved the way its going about my sandbed and rocks, especially since new piece of live rock is covered in calupra fern.
i would have to say that it definitely is a blue eye tang or two spot bristletooth looks alot like that pic at blue zoo aquatics
i'm glad i got it this tang is awesome, very good personality. swims around alot and does amazing cleaning live rock and sand for algae.