Trying something new!


Reefing newb
Hey- just wanna give a shout-out to all you reef-junkies out there. I am totally new to this and am finding that it's a bit of a steep learning curve.

Looking forward to getting alot of advise from you guys...

Right now I am enjoying a 30 gallon tank filled with saltwater and 11lbs of live rock (or at least I hope they are still alive)

Just waiting a few weeks before I add fish, and then I guess it gets interesting..

Bye for now!
Sorry- maybe a stupid question, but I have my filter (penguin 400) and powerhead- the propeller thing that makes a current?- going 24/7. Is there a time to turn it off, or do I keep these things going all the time. Also, I will have my prizm protien skimmer up and running too very shortly.
The live rock will be you bio filteration, so the more the better, most will go with a minimum of 1 pound, but 1 1/2 would be even better. The filter you can use with carbon to polish the water but you really don't need pads or floss as they will just create nitrates. Most everyone leaves all powerheads etc. creating water movement on constantly.
Also you should be doing water tests through out the cycle to make sure that the tank does cycle and is ready for fish.

Also you can buy dry rock (which is much cheaper) and add that to your tank so you have enough rock. My personal favorite place to buy dry rock is
Hello and welcome! Your powerhead and filter should run 24/7. Once you get the skimmer running, you can remove the filter (to save space and make the tank look neater).
unfortunately there are no real shortcuts in this hobby like other hobbies, When you try to take one you find out in a hurry how big of a mistake it was..:grumble: