torch coral


Reefing newb
I have a torch coral in a 29 gallon tank which looks like it is shriviling up. I have a 14k LED light and two korilia powerheads, a 550 and a 425. Paramaters are within range after testing several times. Any advise woudl be greatly appreciated!
What kind of direct current do you have on it? I noticed my torch will do the same thing if the light is too low or the current is too strong or directly hitting the coral all the time. Do you have a picture of what the "shriviling" looks like?
I did have it in the middle of the setup with strong flow on it. I am thinking that I had too much flow on it to begin. I have had it for 5 days
I have found in my tank that the best amount of current is just enough to blow the sediment off, but not enough to press the flesh of the coral tot he skeleton. Another words, it should be smashed:)