Too much flow? or too little?

How do you know if your softies like your flow?

The two new corals i got say that they like medium-strong flow. When i look at the corals, they're a little bit bent over. Does that mean they like the flow or it's too strong for them to stand up straight?

I have lots of flow in my tank in my 29 gal. (2 returns from a filter and protein skimmer) and two powerheads (1 towards the surface and one rotating through the middle of the tank)

Please guide me...
Softies... almost any light will suffice... but they may be getting pushed by the flow, try relocating ifthey arent losing colors or closing up its probably not a light issue.
My corals names are at the bottoms of my post. When i bought them it was suggested that they have moderate light, mid-top placement and medium-strong flow...right now i have them in the bottom of the tank as i am slowly acclimating them to the top. But the one coral in particular is bent over almost horizontally but the polyps are open.
I had a palau frag just like that from Dr. Fosters. I had a tough time keeping it happy. after a couple months it bent over like that and didn't make it. The plus is that the polyps are still extended. How long have they been in the tank? What type of lighting are you using? Are both corals bent over? are they bending with the general direction of the flow? based on your description it doesn't sound like they are getting too much flow. What are your water parameters?
I got mine from Dr Fosters too.

1.They have been in the tank for about 5 days.
2.I use PC lighting, 3.4 watts per gallon, both corals are not bent over all the time, mainly just the palau and this morning it seems to be standing a little straight if it's bent it's bending against the flow
4.water parameters are ammo 0, rate0, rite 0, ph 8.1