TN Aquarium Behind The Scenes Tour


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For the month of February only, I can get a special discount on behind the scenes tours of the TN Aquarium ($7.00) and/or half price admission to the Aquarium.

I propose a weeknight. Children are welcome.
We must enter together, but can then go our separate ways.

Who wants to go and when?
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If you decide to do a weekend (other than the 18th) let me know, I'd love to check it out. If it ends up being a weeknight, have fun for me!
I want to go for sure!! I know my little girl will go and maybe my wife.

Thanks Angela..This is for you.. :bounce: :bounce:
The behind the scenes tour is booked up for this weekend. :frustrat:

I can get a group in for the normal Aquarium tour for $9 each for adults and $4.75 child (ie. half price). Let me clarify that this discount is being offered to TVA employees and is not negotiated on behalf of our club. If you cannot go with me this weekend, you can go with any TVA employee on another date this month.

I'm moving my terminally ill mother here next weekend and will be busy for the rest of the month.
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