Georgia Aquarium!


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
I am going to the aquarium in Atlanta at the end of May. My 3rd trip but the first since I have been doing my tank.

This time I will most likely be watching more closely.

I am going to be taking the behind the scenes tour. It is an hour and they show you how the place runs and you get to see the corals and big tanks, etc.

If anyone has been on it give me some expectations.

I will be taking my camera for pix and post them here. I have seen a show on it and have seen all the skimmers and pumps before but not in person.

Maybe they will give me a frag haha.

I am staying right next to it at the Embassy Suites so I can walk there. There is this awesome Bar/Food place called the Vortex that was on Man vs Food I will be eating at Woot Woot! Oh yeah and going to the place with the 30" or 40" Pizza. Been there one time before. Man the box for it is crazy big.

Ok so just wanted to get any info from anyone who has been on the tour and let you all know I will be taking pix to show you.

Probably won't have pix till June.