Thought I'd Introduce Myself


Reefing newb
I've been keeping fish for the past 7 or so years. I started out accidentaly almost, at the age of nine when I caught a baby bullhead on a fishing trip with my dad. I named him Gary and put him in a bowl. Because of my lack of knowledge, Gary died soon there after. Eventually, I got a few 10g aquariums and started small freshwater communities. Over the years, I've kept MANY different kinds of fish, experimenting and researching. I just recently purchased my 46 bow and after keeping oscars, water cows and other various large fish, I want to try my hand at actually building a working ecosystem with smaller fish. I'm learning here everyday and I'm posting as soon as a question pops into my head. I hope to have some pics up soon with the progress I've made.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.:Cheers: