Thinking of setting up a saltwater tank, and have a few questions.


Reefing newb

I have had freshwater fishtanks for a while, but I am thinking of setting up a saltwater tank now. So far I have planned for where I will get the live sand, rock, and corals. I would like two clown fish, and possibly a white sea star or something else. What size tank should I go with? What would pair with the two clown fish good?

Also......kind of a weird question, but do all saltwater tanks get bristle worms/fire worms? I just came across that on youtube looking at salt water tanks, and it kind of freaked me out. I have a paranoia to centipedes, and having something resemble them in my fish tank would really freak me out. I can deal with it if necessary.....I am just wondering how common they are.
For the tank size question, I recommend you go with the largest aquarium you're able to have and afford. For people just starting out in this hobby it is significantly easier to keep a system with a larger amount of water. The more volume, the more room for error.

I feel like a 40 breeder or 55gal would be a good size for someone new to the hobby and they won't kill you on the budget if you have one.

No not all tanks get pests. You can control what sort of critters come into your tank if you're that anal about it. You'll just want to cure all your live rock carefully OR (and I recommend this since it would be cheaper)....just go with dry rock and a small piece of live rock from a tank with no pests.
If you plan on doing corals, be careful with starfish. Some will eat corals. Welcome too the hobby and forum :). I agree, 55 Gallon is a great size too start with. If theres a walmart near you they usually have a sale on 55 gals for like 170ish with 2 HOB filters, a heater, and cheap led lighting to get you started :).
Thank you both for your help. Hmmm....I may hold off on a saltwater tank for now then :/. I already have a 56g with goldfish. I had another 30g that had imported fancy goldfish in it, but I sold it a month or two ago. My husband doesn't really support the hobby, so he probably wouldn't be very happy with me buying another large tank :(. The largest I could probably get away with right now is 20g.
Hello and welcome to the site...a 55 gal would be a good size tank to start off with...bristleworms are common hitchhikers, and most tanks eventually get them...but you'll rarely even see them.
SJG...don't get discouraged...they said they recommend u start with a 55g but that doesn't mean u have only benefits u when it comes to error and certain fish...but many people here have 10s 20s and 30s that do fine and look great...u just have to make sure u do ur research and stay within ur boundaries and u should be fine....if I had a 20g I would try and see where it best ur research keep in touch with the forum many good people here to help and get ready to spend money cause saltwater is a drug!!
A 20 Gal would be absolutely fine. You can do some amazing things in a smaller tank and it costs a lot less to fill it up :p. Whatever you choose, i wish you the best of luck :).
I am new to the hobby and I have a 20 gallon tank so there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to do that too! Just make sure you do plenty of research and BUY BOOKS! Good luck!
agree with ob_on3 and Anthony...there is nothing saying you can't do a 20G but again like they said, do your research before you dive in
Hi and welcome.

No no, you absolutely do not have to get a big tank. I have a 12G with two clowns, a small nano. A 20g would be absolutely fine for what you want.
Just 12 pounds of Live Rock as filtration and I run some carbon along with it. 10% weekly water changes,too (although, I have done it on 2 week intervals).