Thinking of new lighting


Reef enthusiast
It looks like I'm going to stick with the 46g for at least awhile now, I am happy with how it's going, and don't feel like starting a new tank over. Soooo, I'm thinking of new lights. I currently have the nova extreme, and although they are decent, I know there is better. I would like something similar to what I have, with moonlights and all in one unit. Should I stick with t5 or go MH? Any recommendations? I'm only in the 5-600 dollar range
For a 46 gallon? Stick with T5s. If I were you, I wouldn't switch from the Nova Extremes. If having moonlights all in one unit is that important to you, then go for it, but you're not really going to get any better quality than what you have now.
Well, the novas have moonlights, but I was thinking of going to a 6 light fixture with individual reflectors, like a tek, or even the nova extreme pro
I can get a tek 6 bulb up here for 350 new, plus bulbs. I am going to detroit in Sept, but had a real hard time finding shops last time I was there. Can I get a better deal than that down there?
Tek makes a good fixture and the results should be pretty obvious when you compare it against a fixture that doesn't have individually reflected bulbs. Good bulbs will also have an effect on the performance of the fixture.