Thinking about A Seahorse tank..


Go Big Or Go Home !
So I currently have a 30 gallon set up as a freshwater tank and im thinking of making it a sea horse tank. it currently has a HOB filter that is rated for a 75 gl so I think it might be to much flow.

What do you guys think if I just add a HOB refugium and about 30 to 40 LB of live rock ??? would I need more flow just using the HOB refugium ???

Was planning on maybe just having a couple sea horses and a pipe fish or 2. And putting some small LPS and some live plants in it also.
I want to get Seahorses eventually (I have to practically pry her away from the Seahorse tank at the LFS every time we're in). I have nothing helpful, but will keep an eye out for the advice from the wise in this thread.
It's very difficult to keep sea horses. If u have never kept a saltwater fish tank. First I will talk to the people who have never kept a saltwater fish tank before. Do your research, then setup a saltwater fish tank no smaller then 40 gal. (In saltwater 30 gal is really small.) Once you have successfully kept it for 1-2 years you can start a new tank for your seahorses. Do careful research and take it slowly. I recommend starting with the H. Earectise (spelled wrong.) make sure you have tall skinny plants or things for the seahorse to grab onto. Flow is very important to keep at a minimum and I would say that the filter is all the flow needed. Also for tank size. No smaller then 30 gal and no more then 2 seahorses for each gal above 30 gal and for the first 30 gal just 2. The one thing I must stress here is make sure the seahorses you get are eating frozen foods before buying them. If u buy a seahorse that eats love good you probably would be better jest Giving up.

Now for the people who are not new to the hobby and have had a saltwater tank for a long time.

For you guys it's much easer. Make sure you have no more then 2 seahorses for each gallen and a tank no smaller then 30 gal. Have a sump bio reacter with activated carbon in it and a protein skimmer. Seahorses do not need a lot of flow so no ppsmin the tank just the return from sump is enough.

If u guys have any further questions or comments please reply to my post and I will respond as soon as possible.