The things we do for our tank !!!


Reefing newb
Well as you all probably know we have sold our current tank and have ordered a new build.
Trouble is the new size we want doesn't fit into our room ?
That's a problem my husband says, how can we solve this.
Well this is how.

Unfortunately this has now exposed the back of the old tank, you don't often get to see the back of your tank.

One of the reason we took these shots (disgusting I know) is because the new tank is a Peninsular and we wanted to see what our current scape looked like from the other side. Wasn't as bad as we thought really. In fact found a BTA that we didn't even know we had.
We both feel one of the biggest challenges with the new tank will be getting the rock scape looking nice from both sides & an end. The new tank will be a divider between existing room & new room built today.
Gyp-rock will be finished tomorrow & tiler is coming next week.(also a fellow reefer so thank you ) Would love to have this all sorted by Christmas.
New tank supposed to be delivered first week of November.
Really looking forward to starting a new tank journal, and having this tank from new (as we bought this second hand)

I must also say that we have discovered that although the reefing community is a lot smaller in Adelaide, what a great bunch of people.
We were supposed to start this work on Monday morning, had builder booked for weeks, the day he was supposed to start he rings and says job is a "no go"for him. goodbye.
Furious and upset I vented on an Adelaide reefers page, and withing 10 mins had qualified tradesman offering to help.
One reefer rang me and said he will be on my door step the next morning & don't worry everything will be done.
Well sure enough this morning 7.30am they arrive in 37 heat, worked all day and all finished bar the gyp-rock,He organised the electricians, supplies & everything in 24 hours.
Look forward to showing off the new build soon !
wow reckon youll make new tank amazing.what a twat the first builder was letting you down like that but new one sounds completely different .look forward to seeing this ps youve got a tidy clean house and jealous of the heat over there
wow, not sure about the tidy house right now. Bloody mess i reckon. Excited to see it when its finished. thanks
Looking awesome, i love the island layout, I have similar plans with my 90..

I'm definitly following to see how it all turns out..

Congrats on getting a more professional, professional.. ;)
Well thanks Tifoez, building coming of well nearly finished now. But that tank is acutally the SOLD tank
The new tank isn't due for a couple of weeks. But yes the island look on the left hand side is what we are after. Thanks for the nice comments.