The Perfect Fish

  1. Will never attack or eat corals.
  2. Doesn't dig the sand up.
  3. Won't attack or harass other fish but will stand up for himself when harassed by an agressive fish.
  4. Not a fincky eater.
  5. Not too big. Can fit in small tank.
  6. Beautiful looking. When friends come by they look at it and say "wow!"
  7. Easy to take care of.
  8. Not a jumper.
  9. Doesn't hide a lot. He swims about quite a bit.
  10. Not prone to ich.

    Please tell me the name of this fish!
That would be my Banggai Cardinal, Bad Guy :D He does as he pleases, no one bullies him usually, but I've seen him come at another fish that tries to take a juicy piece of morsel. And unlike many banggais I know, he actually does swimg all around the tank!
I have had both the chromis and the cardinal would have to say the chromis also they never stop. the cardinal stayed in one place most of the day only moved when food was put in.. but neither of them bothered a thing in the tank.