the divers den has done it again


Reef enthusiast
take a look at this beauty

its a Blue Striped Tamarin Wrasse
I would be too paranoid of loosing a $1000 fish. I get nervous about loosing a $15 fish for that matter. I hate to see anything live lost - unless it's for food, my food that is, not other tank mates food. Beautiful wrasse though.
Tamarins are an amazing fish. If I had the proper tank, and the experience I would shell that out for one. IMO one of the finest fish in the sea hands down.
oooooooooo very pretty....
Such a risk, $1000! Do they gurantee them to live for at least a few days from the shipping stress?
Yeah, we all remember what happened when that person bought the $3200 gem tang from Live Aquaria and it didn't make it!! It took a lot of fighting for him to get his money back.