The Coolest Aquarium I've ever seen


not getting a free ride
Amy and I just hit the nearby AquariumAdventure to get a cute little Maroon clown and they had on display the neatest fish tank I've ever seen.

ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.

The version they had on display would be a very interesting use of $4200 - but wow... what an awesome setup..
I should add - the display they had is the setup that is shown in the video. It's hard to tell on the video - but the water is constantly running over the side and down into the stand. It truely looks like there is no glass...
Those things look amazing in the video. Does the water actually drain over the edge outside of the aquarium? It looks amazing however they did it.
Its like a tank in a tank, the water flows over one tank into the other section. Very nice looking.
The water flows over the top and down the sides making it appear seamless.

The 4200 price tag included tank, stand, filters and a really impressive digitally controlled light fixture... not sure what it all had in it - but looked pretty impressive.
well i'm broke now i just orderd one wow what a price tag and no i will not say what i'm paying i can't wait for it to get here
Yea I figured it was up there, 4200 is alot but then again your getting huge light and other stuff you say. Might not be that bad of a deal, I guess depends in what all you get with it.
oh yea it's going where my coffe table is now the wife is (bleep) of bad at me for buying it but i think or hope she will chill out
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it's been around for sometime now. they are only a few mins drive from me. all the lfs i go to have them. one of them even gave away a 22 gal one. the water overflows to the 4 edges and into the side and into the sump/filter and the return is in the floor of the tank in the middle of the tank. i's a neat looking tank
The lighting hangs above. I am not sure I'd want it to be used as a coffee table as the top is open and water flows over the side into a basin. Yes, there is a ledge where you could rest something on - but I wouldn't risk it.
i saw one in ponce in a fs its very cool...and it works awsome..the downside is the gives a lot of benefits to the corals..i spend like an hour looking at it...
Here are pictures that I took at my LFS today, they just set up their ZeroEdge three days ago. Right now it's mostly clams and little SPS frags.