40G Tank, Any advice Welcome


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Hello All,
I would still call myself a novice at the new and exciting hobby.

I have been doing lots of researching and very eager to learn, your advice & thoughts of my current setup & future plans would be greatly appreciated.
I appreciate who ever takes the time and effort to read and reply to me with any comments as there is obviously so much advice that could be given.

I have a 40 Gallon Tank given to me, which was previously used as a freshwater Aquarium.
I am planning to upgrade to a 175 Gallon Tank, but want to get a better understanding before I upgrade. I have bought some overkill equipment hoping I can use it when I upgrade in a year or so.
Fluval FX6 Filter (1500L)
Hydor 1600 + 5600 l/h Powerheads
TMC V2 300 Skimmer
Fluorescent Marine T5 45W Blue & White Lighting

I have just added some 7Kg Bluestone & 5Kg Fiji Live Rock both cured.I have had a lot of ammonia in the tank currently reading at 4.0ppmAmmonia.Hoping this will help my biological filtration complete its cycle.
Tank has been running for 3 weeks.

Protein skimmer is not running as I believe it should be.As others I have seen running on the net, are creating a lot more foam. mine has no foam just lots of bubbles.

My Hydor 5600 l/h may be to big/ powerful for the little tank, but what I have heard, you can never have to much movement in the tank.

Is my Live Rock stacked in the best way, I believe I have defiantly placed it in the most aesthetically looking way with the best sides facing forwards, and have tried to create as many nooks, caves and surface area as possible. I really do not want to move the rock unless absolutely necessary. I also want to add Soft Corals to the live rock, so is the structure suitable for that.

My future plans for this tank are to have Live Coral & Reef Safe Fish

I have uploaded a video to try and help you get a better understanding of my Setup and question with my Protein Skimmer

40 Gallon Marine Aquarium - YouTube
As long as the rock is stable and isn't going to topple over, then it its fine. I have had snails and hermits bulldoze rocks out of their way before and knock them over though.

There is such thing as too much movement though. A lot of soft corals like frogspawn and Zoas do not like a lot of flow.

Lol at the Top Gear playing in the back ground though. Hands down my favorite car show.