Tempted to keep a fish tank on the floor


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I have a 40 long on my floor against a wall right now that I have never set up. I don't have a big enough car to carry a stand and really don't want to spend $200 bucks on one either so I have been thinking of leaving it on the floor. The spot it is in really isn't a bad viewing spot for it either since all of my tanks are in my bedroom now. I keep wanting to add water, but I keep hesitating incase there are cheap stands I can get somewhere that I just need to put together somehow. Anyone have an idea?
... I posted on Craiglist to give away a 40 long stand that I build 2 months ago and nobody wanted it. I finally put it out for garbage pick up last month...
good ole cinder blocks and boards, the shelving unit of the college student...

but it sure would be strong enough, and definately something that you could transport(even if it took more than one trip) in a honda civic.
The cinder block idea is brilliant! idea guys. If I were on a budget I'd def. do that. You can dressuo the outside with some nice stained wood. You'd never even know.
a friend of mine just bought a bunch of blocks, painted them up with the cheapest paint HD sells, and she's totally stoked to have the shelving.... and to be able to transport it in her little car, anywhere she moves to...
I'll probably get some time this weekend to go check out what Home Depot or Lowes has to offer. Are you guys sure cinder blocks can hold 40 gallons of water? I don't know much about building structures or if there are different types I should be looking for
My only caution regarding cinder blocks is that they tend to fall apart if they are exposed to water. My old remote DSB/fuge was sitting on cinder blocks, and they would get wet every time I accidentally flooded my RO unit. By the time I moved and got rid of the DSB, I picked up the cinderblocks and they broke apart in my hands.
get concrete blocks, not cindar blocks, much heaver, much stronger, and yes, they absolutely will hold up way more than 40 gallons of water...

cindar blocks are made kinda like popcorm balls are, they are hot popped aggregate that is then glued together... that makes them lighter, but still relatively strong...

concrete blocks on the other hand, are solid concrete...
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well the main support for the tank is going to be on the ends. but the other thing you could do is get enough block to go along all the edges of the tank. like a box made out of the blocks. just some ideas
I was thinking of doing 3 towers of blocks, one on each end and one in the middle, then put wood under it, one over it, then 3 more blocks, then another piece of wood for the fish tank to rest on. That way I have 2 cubby spaces on the bottom, 2 on the top, then fish tank.

Wish I had some kind of art program to sketch it out. What do you guys think?