Temperatures for Corals

Sounds like a neat set up. However, I think you might have a typo in your write up. Wouldn't you want your fan to come on at a higher temp then shut off at a lower temp? Is the 77.56 supposed to be 78.56?
No, (but YOU GOT IT RIGHT, just may of got tangled in my wordy words) if my tank reaches .3°C above 25°C (you have to have a tolerance) the fan will come on then stay on trying to bring it back to 25°C which is the target. ...and happens to be 77°f. If my tank drops to .3°C below 25°C (again you have to have a tolerance) my heater will come on and attempt to bring it back to the 25°C.

........................All this C and f stuff is because the STC-1000 only talks C.... and my brain likes f.......

This gives the differential temperature in the tank +/- .54° f. or +/- .3° C, for a total of 1.08°f or .6°C.

However, I did make a mistake in my math. If both the fan and the heater do succeed in bringing the temp back to target the tank will vary from 77.54° and 76.46°f. I had stated the low side at 76.44°f.

In fact, I had to calibrate the STC-1000 and my tank had dropped to 24.4°C because the STC was off by .4°C (the STC-1000 thought it was at 24.8°C) so after I recalibrated, the heater did come on and brought the tank back to the target in about 25 minutes.

What is cool is that my tank which was over heated this time of day, today actually was .6°C below the target, because of the fan doing its job... even well enough to go below the target... .... and the STC-1000 actually did bring it right back onto target.

OK.. I'm hooked!!!
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AHhh I misread it as the fan shutting off at 77.56:mrgreen: and turning on at 77. That's what staring at the computer screen for the past two hours working on project estimation software will do to you.
oh,, geeeze... I know that problem well.. retired now.. seen a few projects in my time.. doing wildlife rescues part time as a keep me going and for hobby money... wink..
...that is a gray fox kit I'm holding in my avatar...
I am an unemployed electrician and am using my spare time to earn a masters in industrial operations. The estimating class I am taking has us doing an estimate on a FedEx sorting facility. It is so much harder to look at these prints on a computer screen than on paper.
well, the verdict is in for one day's cycle.. my tank high temperature for today was 25.3°C or 77.54°f

The low last night was 24.7°C or 76.46°f .. I'll take it... a mile stone reached !!!!

This is AMAZING !!!!!

again.. Living Reefs forum ROCKS !!!!

now that we have won this little battle.. and we have my tank temp stabilized ... an important step......

....we have to get me growing coral... good luck with that one!
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