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Hippocampus kuda

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We all know that all anemonefish adopt surrogate anemones if they cannot find any anemone deemed to be suitable for them, but my clown is different, even though he already has a chosen anemone, he would still adopt surrogates. Even though I have provided him with the right anemone (Heteractis magnifica; H. crispa; Stichodactyla gigantea), he is still on the look for other anemones, and I don't want retracted polyps inside my tank. It makes my tank look bleak. pleeeaaaasssssse help!!! :grumble: :HELP!:

Oh and by the way check this out. It might help.
Anemone fishes and their host sea anemones :)
clowns are a strange breed to say the least.. they will adopt what they what how they want to do it and for no particular reason.. My last clowns I had adopted powerheads and left the nems alone in the tank which were suitable for them..there is never a guarentee that they will adopt anything in the tank, it is all to their choosing.. the clowns I have now are hosted by both my BTA and LTA, the BTA which recently Split they took right to that too. So they are always on the lookout for more...
My old clown had 3 homes, a colony of zoas, and 2 brain corals , in the wild they needs anemones, but in or tanks they go with whatever they want and sadly theirs nothing we can do but hope they settle on one