Sudden death.


Reefing newb
So Sunday morning I have notices that my flame angel is missing, for most of the day I was going crazy looking for him, I had him for over a year!!! I hate losing a fish especially when it’s a fish that is over all doing grate in the tank and healthy. So bottom line is at night when one of my anemones closes up for the night he was found dead. The spot he was in was covered by the anemone.
This fish did not show any sings for sickness, very active eating, over all was doing great, and all my fish are overall healthy, and I have some difficult fish in my tank, like a copperband, and 2 mandarin fish, and more, all healthy.
Any Ideas what have could cause him to die?
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its a beautiful tank but that didnt answer the water parameter question. Also even if your levels are fine sometimes fish just die. Not really a reason for it they just do
I had a bi color angel die to an anemone before, I added him to the tank and within 15 min he swam in a cave and came out right in the middle of the anemone it. He was able to get out but died shortly after from the sting. He could've very well died to the anemone.
I don't think the BTA's are the culprit unless the fish had some underlying issues.

I would really like to know your water parameters.
Beautiful tank by the way!
Fly fishing? lol

Beautiful tank! Sometimes fish just die. It's when lots of them die I begin to worry. I've had a fair bit of fish visit the Great Porcelain in the Sky.
I don’t really check water parameters, I do a once a month 35G water change, and I dose brightwell aquatics products.
Tank inhabitants as of now are, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 copperband butterfly,1 bicolor angel,
1 Sailfin/Algae Blenny, 4 blue and green chromis, 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, 2 Green Mandarins,
And my tank did not have any big changes
This is a more recent picture of my tank.