Starting my first reef tank, help needed

Dean Glasspool

Reefing newb

I'm starting my first ever tank in the next few weeks and need a little guidance.

I want to start my tank by mixing live and dead rock, with a sand bed. I am happy to wait for a while as it matures before I add anything else, but need a few questions answered.

I am reading that sand beds can cause later issues. What can I do to make sure there is no build up of bad bacteria in my sand bed, that could later cause me problems?

How is best to mix the salt and water and get the right salinity. If I am doing a water change, how can I make sure the salt levels are right?

Use fine sand, not anything coarse. Stir a little bit everytime you feed. Most salts mix up at 1/2 c./gal. Use RO/DI water and quality salt. If you plan on corals at some point, start with a reef salt. I use Instant Ocean Reef Crystals and they work well for me. You will also need good flow and good lighting if you plan on corals. If you only want fish, then a couple good powerheads making flow all around the rock will work good and whatever light you choose will work, you only need a good light to keep photosynthetic corals.