Starting a frag tank questions

I have 2 frag tanks. You need fish. Fish poop feeds your coral, as well as any missed food that hits them.

I think that your plan may fall short as you get further into it, and want to relax more and play with the family more on your free time. Spot feeding is great, but I don't do it much for my frag tanks.

I also have a 14 gallon sump with live rock rubble.

As for an HOB skimmer, if there are no fish, you don't really need one. If you do want one, I'd look into the Bubble Magus skimmers. I am running their QQ skimmer on mine as we speak, and am very happy with it.
Ok after much debate 1 fish it is. My local Lfs agrees thatb1 fish is beneficial. So thanks again for everyone's suggestions and input.