Starry Blenny


Reefing newb
I just bought a Starry Blenny, first Blenny in the tank.
My tank is mainly carnivorous, however, there are a couple clowns in there.

According to what I have read, the blenny is a herbivore, but he is eating the heck out of the mysis & brine shrimp I feed the rest of the tank.

Is this normal???


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I like to think they are more omnivore.It would be a good idea to feed it some algae base fish food as well.I ocassionally put a piece of seaweed sheet to a veggie clip for my blenny and tangs.

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I know that my blenny ( a lawnmower) is supposed to love algae. But someone forgot to tell him. All he will eat is frozen mysis shrimp. ..and other fish...long story
Anyway, I think reef is right in the omnivore comment.
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Welcome to the site. You should introduce yourself and your tank in the Introduction forum. If you have pictures start a showcase thread
Hi and welcome! What everyone else has said is right -- they are omnivorous, but you should provide him with algae sheets because he can become malnourished on a strictly meat diet.