Stack rock against back glass?


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It seems I have seen a lot of tanks with the rock stacked against the back glass. How many of you do this? Is there flow problems?

Are sure they are stacked against it and just not appear to be? I wouldnt advice placing them on the glass though
most arent stacked completely on the glass
mine is stacked up from front to back progressively higher, it does touch the glass in some spots but there is actually room back there for fish to swim and hide, as well as for water flow
I have some rocks touching the back glass but none leaning on it.Point a powerhead done there if you need/want more flow.
Mines actually leaned against the back glass.But I got enough powerheads back there to keep it cleaned out.
My rocks are leaned up against the back glass for support and for hiding places for fish.
Mine do not touch the back glass at any point. you can drill/pin and epoxy your rocks in place. make sure you provide to distribute load of rocks at bottom glass and arrange so you do not have a catastrophic failure
The only reason any of my rocks touch the glass is because i placed them there before I knew they shouldn't be touching the glass.
I have some touching the back glass too. Not a big deal as long as there is some room for flow.
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I have rocks that touch in places but nothing putting a lot of weight on the glass. As my stack gets higher it leans backward a bit. Because I've got seahorses I can't get a good flow going but I move the water in the back with bubbles/ bubble stones. My ponies love the bubble massage (I've got girls, boy seahorses have a front pouch that could trap an air bubble and cause problems). One of my little stones bubbles up under some of my LR but most create a wall of bubbles against the back of the tank which moves the water quite a bit and looks pretty too.
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I do not have any rock touching my glass anywhere in any tank. I think it scratches the glass on the back and limits the fishes swimming room. I just don't like it. Jut me though.
I have all sorts of rock touching glass. Not a big deal unless you try to get in there and swim I figure:bounce:
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Mine doesn't touch the back glass yet. I'm adding more rocks to one side to try to stack a rock wall and it may have to touch the back glass. We'll see.